Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Victoria's courts have suspended all new jury trials while the stay-at-home directions for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire are in effect. These directions are due to conclude at 11:59pm Wednesday 19 August.

The recommencement of jury trials after this date will be assessed in line with the situation and health advice at the time, and will only proceed once it is deemed safe to do so.


Notice of Selection and Eligibility Form

If you have recently received a Notice of Selection for jury service, you must still complete the Eligibility Form. It is easier and quicker to do so via the online Juror Portal (External link).



As no new jury trials will commence until it has been deemed safe to do so, the current COVID-19 situation, and any work or personal disruptions caused by it, is not a valid reason to be excused from jury service. All such requests will be declined.

By default, all jury service has been suspended until further notice.



If your summons date was in July, your jury service has now been cancelled entirely and you are not required to attend at all. You are now subject to a 2-year period of exemption and do not need to take any further action.

If your summons date was in August, you are now not required to attend and your service has been deferred to later in the year, at which time you may receive another summons. Any future requirement to attend for jury service will be in line with public health advice at the time.   

You should have received an email with more details. If you have not, please check your Spam folder, or email our office at info@juries.vic.gov.au (External link).